Automation and Liquidity for Commercial Real Estate Investments

An easy to use platform for Real Estate Sponsors that helps automate the technical and operational functions of creating digital securities for ownership of real estate.

Awards and Press Mentions

Learn how Abstract's platform adds value for CRE Sponsors and Investors

Commercial Real Estate Digital Security Issuance and Custody

Use a turn-key, ready to go and compliant solution to digitize your CRE ownership.

Automated Digital Security Servicing & Reporting

Servicing & Maintenance, Investor Reporting and Support. Save time and money by automating servicing functions and investor reporting with a set of standardized reports.

Secondary Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform

Enable efficiently priced liquidity for investors via Abstract’s partnered trading platform (ATS). Unlock 15-30% in liquidity premium from a pool of investor peers.

Coming soon, a new way to raise capital

Fundraise thru Online Investment Offering Marketing and Electronic Subscription Processing.

Why digital securities?

Sell ownership early

Give your investors access to Efficiently Priced Liquidity from a pool of investor peers and control to sell you real estate ownership early.

Automated Smart Compliance

Improved Record Keeping and Security with an Immutable Data Trail that is easily auditable.

Raise more money

Reach a larger pool of investors and access additional capital from new channels.

The process of structuring digital ownership

Due Diligence

Upload property and investment diligence files to the platform for prospective investors to see.


Abstract enables regulatory compliant security token offerings under Reg D 506(c).

Electronic Subscription Processing

Offer your investors an online, automated process for quick and easy document signing and delivery.


Smart contract development and implementation of token standards compliant with security laws.

CRE Tokenization

Property ownership is tokenized with a standardized fractionalization logic.

Smart Servicing and Investor Dashboard

View performance metrics, reports, deal & tax files and sponsor communication.

Distribution & Custody

Distribution of digital securities to investors digital custody accounts.

Investment record keeping and centralized file storage

Provides an immutable data trail of auditable information that is more secure than offline records.

Secondary Market Liquidity

Abstract facilitates listing of your digital security on a partnered, registered trading platform.

The company we keep

BJ Kuula
Co-Founder / President / Chairman of Board
Abel Cuskelly
Co-Founder / CEO
Roger W. Kuula
Abstract Board Member / Co-Founder, Managing Principal and CEO of ACG
Jon A. Wood
Abstract Board Member / Co-Founder, Managing Principal and CFO of ACG, Stay Alfred Board Member
Katherine Pinkard
Advisor / co-founder and President of Pinkard Properties
Chris Shepherd
Advisor / SVP CBRE
Will Nelson
Advisor / Columbia Pacific Advisors
Mollie Fadule
Advisor / Founding Partner Cephas Partners
Chris Sinkey
Advisor / Head of Corporate Development Bittrex
Mike Paulus
Advisor / Chairman & President Assurance
Charles Yim
AWS Executive, Partner at 2 VC firms

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