An end-to-end Tokenization as a Service platform being developed for Real Estate Sponsors that helps automate the technical, legal and operational functions of raising capital via Security Tokens.


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Learn how our platform can work best for CRE Sponsors and Investors.

A Full Service Primary Issuance Platform

Launching soon with compliant token structuring, STO smart contracts, KYC/AML and Accredited Investor Verification

Due Diligence & Service Provider Marketplace

Abstract's platform will provide access to a curated marketplace of due diligence and service providers.

Secondary Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform

Abstract is developing a CRE Security Token Trading Platform that aims to unlock 15-30% in liquidity premium.

Why Tokenize?

The current state of CRE is changing, fast. Look to our team and technology at Abstract Tokenization to bridge your company’s knowledge & experience in real estate to the countless benefits of blockchain technology.


Automated Smart

Automated Smart


Global Reach of
Free Market Capital

Reduced Cost
Barrier to Entry

Data Record

Faster Issuance,
Transfer & Clearing


Automated Smart

Automated Smart


Global Reach of
Free Market Capital

Reduced Cost
Barrier to Entry

Data Record

Faster Issuance,
Transfer & Clearing

Abstract for CRE Sponsors

Abstract is developing an end-to-end CRE tokenization and funding platform that helps automate your security token offering and provides an advantageous real estate security investment structure while reducing the cost and time to raise capital.


Due Diligence

Submit property & our 3rd party providers marketplace performs background & property due diligence checks.



Abstract enables regulatory compliant security token offerings under Reg D 506(c), Reg A+ & Reg S.



Smart contract development and implementation of token standards compliant with security laws.


CRE Tokenization

Property ownership is put into an SPE and tokenized with a standardized fractionalization logic.


Investor Dashboard

Investor registration, KYC, AML, accredited investor verification and property offering portal.


Smart Funding & Distribution

Investors contribute USD, ETH or BTC. Abstract mints & issues security tokens to their wallets.


Smart Servicing

Smart contract driven automated reporting and distribution processing is built into each token issued.


Record Keeping

Provides an immutable data trail of auditable information that is more secure than offline records.



Abstract assists with listing on security token trading platforms, which may provide a liquidity premium.

The Company We Keep

Benjamin Kuula is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Investment Officer at American Capital Group (ACG) and is responsible for their operations and investment strategy throughout major market on the west coast. Mr. Kuula has led the acquisition of $500 million in value-add multifamily assets and raised over $200 million in equity since 2015. He has 15 + years of real estate experience in construction, property acquisition, property dispositions, property management, asset management and finance. Since 2002, he has been involved in approximately $1.5 Billion of developments, acquisitions, dispositions and refinances. Mr. Kuula received a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of San Diego and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Washington Foster School of Business. He serves on the Board for the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club and sits on their Finance Committee. He is also a member of Young Presidents' Organization (YPO).

BJ Kuula
Co-Founder / Chairman

Abel previously co-founded Pogoseat, where he led enterprise sales and business development. Pogoseat, which is still operating, is an enterprise, real-time ticket upgrade solution that is integrated into the mobile apps and ticketing systems of team clients in the NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS and EPL as well as select AEG venues for both sports games & concerts. The company was accelerated by AngelPad, raised $5.5 million in angel & venture capital and was the first to integrate with Ticketmaster's ticketing system, amongst others.. Prior to that at Merrill Lynch in Menlo Park, he managed just under $3/4 billion dollars in investments from silicon valley corporations, executives and founders. He was #1 in the nation out of thousands of his peers in new client assets acquired in 2008 and #4 in 2009. In high school, he built the front and back end of an early Electronic Medical Records system that was in use for over a decade. He has spoken at Stanford's GSB and Stanford's SIC, Crypto Invest Summit and Blockchain Seattle as well as numerous other technology panels. His work has been covered by Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, ESPN, WSJ and Techcrunch.

Abel Cuskelly
Co-Founder / CEO

Tegan successfully founded & raised capital in SF, LA, NYC & Hong Kong for her first start up, Gigit where she wore all hats including front end design & UX/UI.  She has spoken or written for a number of high profile events & publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, Business Insider, Harvard University, Mashable, TechCrunch, SOMA Magazine, FADER, NYLON, The Europas, Tech Open Air Berlin, PSFK, and Edelman’s Global PR to name a few.  Before making the plunge into the start up world, Tegan worked abroad for Microsoft in London & for Swedish AdNetwork Tradedoubler servicing 19 markets including Russia and Japan.  She received a double major B.S. in Economics and a B.S. in Marketing with a minor in French from Oglethorpe University.

Tegan Monique Gaan
Co-Founder / Head of Product

Chris Shepherd has over 13 years of experience in the real estate community and has spent his entire career in CBRE’s Silicon Valley office. Chris spends his days solving local and global real estate pain points for his clients and has completed successful assignments in most major global markets for over 4M Square Feet and $1B of total consideration. Chris has been a consistent top producer at CBRE where he regularly ranks in the San Jose top 10, Bay Area Platinum Circle and Worldwide top 20%. Additionally, Chris is an active angel investor and graduated Cum Laude with from Santa Clara University with a Finance degree.

Chris Shepherd
Advisor / SVP CBRE

Will Nelson joined Columbia Pacific Advisors in 2015 to assist with loan production and asset strategy for our Real Estate Lending strategy. Previously he managed the real estate portfolio for Legacy Companies. Will participated in the acquisition, disposition, leasing, project management, entitlement work and property management of approximately 1.5 million square feet of real estate assets in the United States and Canada. Will graduated from Loyola Marymount University’s business program with an emphasis in Marketing and Management. He earned his MBA from the University of Washington.

Will Nelson
Advisor / Columbia Pacific Advisors

Mollie has significant experience in the acquisition, disposition & management of complex real estate transactions domestically & internationally, including underwriting & closing transactions involving direct equity, bridge equity, senior & mezzanine debt and joint ventures across multiple property types representing over $2bn in equity and debt investments & over $4bn in asset value. Mollie also worked exclusively with affiliates of The Blackstone Group. Here, she managed investments in which she co-invested & acted as a board member representing Blackstone. Prior to co-founding Cephas Partners, Mollie was a Vice President at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the Real Estate Principal Investments group in New York. She is a graduate of Harvard University, where she earned an Honors Degree in History & Science.

Mollie Fadule
Advisor / Founding Partner Cephas Partners

Chris is working to drive the company's core mission (advance the blockchain industry by fostering innovation, incubating new and emerging technology, and driving transformative change). Prior to joining Bittrex, Chris spent 3 years at DocuSign in Strategy and Product Marketing. Chris hold an MBA from London Business School and an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Chris’s experience spans strategy, product marketing, product management, and business development for technology firms such as Amazon, Google, Accenture, and others.

Chris Sinkey
Advisor / Head of Corporate Development Bittrex

After three years at the Silicon Valley tech company Addepar, former president Mike Paulus left to found his own start-up, Assurance, that will focus instead on insurance brokers. Mike has been described as a wunderkind and helped grow the Mountain View, Calif.-based portfolio accounting firm known for its ambition to out-engineer all wealth management software providers and assert itself as the virtual owner of the space. He attended Stanford University and also serves as a Partner at Andreessen Horowitz.

Mike Paulus
Advisor / Chairman & President Assurance

Frequently Asked Questions

    Why tokenize?

  • Liquidity, faster &, cheaper transactions, digitally recorded information rather than offline records and access to the free market of billions of individuals around the world who can now invest in your offering and play a bigger role in your success. The digital token structure give us the ability to program SmartCompliance into each token to enable trading within legal & regulatory parameters and to program in tracking of the tokens for SmartServicing- automated, smart contract managed reporting and distribution processing.

    How is real estate ownership tied to tokens?

  • Each security token represents a static, fractional percentage of total ownership in the underlying real estate asset, project or fund. Every token offering is fractionalized by the same logic to ensure pricing transparency and consistency.

    Who can particpate in my security token offering?

  • Abstract’s platform enables each sponsor to select their investment structure. Investments will be open to accredited, non-accredited and/or foreign investors depending on which structure is selected by sponsor.

    Is there a limit on the number of investors that can be involved?

  • The number of investors will depend on the structure and minimum investment amount selected by the sponsor. In most cases the number of investors cannot exceed 2000 without additional SEC reporting requirements. However, Reg A+ allows for an unlimited number of investors with additional reporting requirements.

    What is SmartServicing?

  • SmartServicing is smart contract driven servicing- automated cap table management, reporting and distribution processing. Opening up investment access to the other 99% dramatically increases the number of investors on the cap table and creates a servicing challenge, that can only be solved by automation. Which is where Abstract's SmartServicing can help.

    How will my property investment be recorded and tracked on the Blockchain?

  • Tokens are the store of value & recording of ownership. The property listed on Abstract is tokenized via our Token Offering Smart Contract with a limited supply of property tokens. The amount of property tokens each investor buys from the offering pool is recorded on the Ethereum distributed Ledger as well as backed up daily to our private servers. Abstract Smart Servicing Contract will run the ownership auditing, reporting and income distributions for investors and record as immutable transactions on the distributed ledger.

    How do I know my account and investment is safe?

  • We don't ask investors to share any credentials or private keys with Abstract. Your tokens can be stored in any ERC20 compliant wallet, secured by your own private keys that you control. We recommend investors utilize a Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet or our cold storage wallet service for the most secure storage of your tokens.

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